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Has someone you thought you could trust made you feel scared, worried or lose confidence?

Has your experience made you lose confidence?

Has someone put pressure on you to do something you didn't want to do?

Have they taken your money or things you own?

Being harmed, abused, or exploited is never ok. This might include physical, financial, emotional/psychological, sexual or neglect. It can be hard to tell someone, especially if you are lonely or isolated, or being harmed by a family member. Even if the experience has ended, you might still find it difficult to talk about or to access support.

We can help.

What support do we provide?

We'll match you with a trained volunteer, who can provide friendship, emotional support, and help you to recover from your experience. This might include:

  • spending time with you in your home or another place of your choice
  • provide a non-judgemental listening ear
  • taking you out to local activities or helping you try out new hobbies
  • support you to meet new people
  • help you build the skills you need to become more confident and independent
  • help you with the skills you need to become more resilient

The person you're matched with might be someone who has gone through a similar experience, someone of a certain age, or someone with similar interests.

Find out about older people we're already supporting on our case studies page

Get in touch

If you'd like to take part, please complete our online form, or download a Word version.

Older people themselves, or someone on behalf of the older person (with their consent), can complete the form.

If using the Word version, please return to Brian Rapley at [email protected] or by post to the address below.  If you cannot send a scanned signature, you can sign the form when we meet you.

You can also call Brian on 07496 323 801

Action on Elder Abuse Scotland

PO Box 29244


KY12 2EG

Picture of Brian Rapley

Brian Rapley, Services Coordinator

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