On 15th June each year people come together to send out a clear message - that the abuse of older people will not be tolerated. We want an end to the assault, neglect, abuse and intimidation of our older generation.

The message resonates right around the world and does make a difference!

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Action on Elder Abuse is dedicated to raising awareness of elder abuse and tackling the issues at all levels of society. Our work is guided by the following key aims:

  1. We will end the harm, abuse and exploitation of older people
  2. We will work to improve the criminal justice response to crimes against older people
  3. We believe in tougher sanctions for those who harm or abuse older people
  4. We will make the abuse of older people as socially unacceptable as child or animal abuse
  5. We believe that older people deserve to be safe within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust
  6. We will work to improve the statutory response to safeguarding older people experiencing or at risk of abuse


What can I do to support?

1. Understand more about elder abuse

2. Sign our 'pledge'

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3. Follow us on social media

Share our posts around World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Facebook and Twitter. The more people we can reach, the better we can raise awareness. 


UK - @ActionOnElderAbuse

Scotland - @ElderabuseScotland

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UK - @elderabuseuk

Scotland - @AEAScotland

Northern Ireland - @AEA_NIreland

Wales - @AEACymru

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5. Donate to Action on Elder Abuse

We are a very small charity, but with an ageing population, are services are at breaking point. Donate to our Lifeline Appeal here