Because you can help us protect older people from abuse, neglect and crimes that too often go unpunished.

The impact of abuse on an older person is profound. It can leave them traumatised, and it can end their life prematurely. We have to change this.

handsIn our latest public poll 9.3% of older people said they were experiencing abuse or neglect, but over 25% of relatives said they knew it was happening to a loved one. This means that right now across the UK there are at least 1 million older people suffering elder abuse. That’s a horrendous thought.

We depend heavily on people like you to fund our work with older people, to help challenge elder abuse. No one should end their lives in pain and suffering. We need your help to change that.

Ways to help us:

You can make a donation or take part in a challenge event and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Or you can get your company involved or organise your own event.  There’s lot’s you can do!