Dialling a mobileAdvice and help

Practically, we provide advice, guidance and casework to victims, their families and friends, and to practitioners, through our helpline. This is a freephone service that is operated by teams in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are also investing in the provision of the Elder Abuse Recovery Service (EARS), which assists victims to recover from the impact of elder abuse.


Practically, we influence people’s understanding of abuse and how to address it, through the provision of training to those interacting with older people – either as standard packages or specially designed programmes – and by specially developed training packages/DVDs on different abuse issues. We also organise conferences, seminars and events, and additionally speak at events organised by other groups.


We have also teamed up with a commercial operator to provide personal alarms to people at risk of abuse. These are intended to help people avoid abuse and deter potential abusers.

Lobbying and campaigning

Practically, we interact with, challenge and support regulators, care providers and Governments and Assemblies in all our nations, as a means of influencing their interest, actions and commitment to addressing abuse. We are not afraid to call and challenge as our voice is always about the needs of the victim.

Practically, we are working to enable the experiences in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. to be shared, through the Practitioners network, through facilitating the exchange of ideas and experience, and through encouraging people to learn from each other. As a unique organisation, we recognise that adult protection staff need to work together for the benefit of victims.

TV camerasMedia

Practically, we are working with the media to raise awareness of elder abuse. We pioneered the use of undercover media expose as a means of highlighting the extent and horrors of abuse, and we regularly speak on television and radio, and are reported in both newspapers and specialist media.