Publicity makes a difference

Make the most of social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It's a great way to let people know about your fundraising efforts. And its free.

  • Create an Event on Facebook and invite all your friends
  • Post information about your event on your Facebook page
  • Tweet about your event and ask your followers to retweet!
  • Post updates - make sure to let people know why you’re supporting us and how their support and donations will help make a difference
  • If you’re preparing for a challenge event such as a run or cycle, share updates about your progress such as reaching a goal in your training plan
  • If you’re preparing for a challenge event and you’ve set up an online fundraising page share the link on your social media inviting your friends to donate quickly, easily and securely online. It's often advisable to send personal messages to your friends also, not everyone pays attention to public posts.

Don't forget to let us at AEA know what you're doing so we can tell everyone else. We're proud of our supporters and we're always happy to publicise your efforts.