Tony RobinsonA flexible training DVD designed for people who need to know about elder abuse – what it is, what are the signs, and what to do about it when it occurs.

The DVD is narrated by Tony Robinson, who helps the viewer understand the nature of elder abuse and the various signs to watch for. 

Tony covers important topics such as confidentiality and disclosure and, while encouraging viewers not to see elder abuse everywhere, he provides advice on what to do if it occurs. This is an excellent, simple guide to the subject and will prepare staff and volunteers in a straightforward, non-threatening manner.

The DVD can be used with groups of staff to help them explore and understand the issues. And training is available throughout the year from AEA to help supervisors learn more about elder abuse and adult safeguarding. Click here for more information.

It is a good ‘entry level’ product and can be used by individual care staff or volunteers or by community groups as an introduction or minimum level awareness raising experience.

It is priced at £30 + £6 VAT (+ £2 Postage).

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