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The process is as follows:

Older person referred to the Project

They will either self-refer, or be referred by an agency, e.g social work, advocacy group, NHS, etc.

Project Coordinator meets with older person

Ian and the older person will discuss the reason for the referral, suitabililty of the project for them, and what they hope to achieve from participating. Ian will also make enquiries to find out if there are any adult protection concerns, and carry out a risk assessment.

Older person matched with suitable volunteer

All volunteers receive comprehensive training and PVG checks, and are matched according to common characteristics or interests. 

Older person and volunteer meet for the first time (Project Coordinator in attendance)

They'll meet in the older person's own home / care home or another setting of their choice. They will discuss the older person's personal goals, what they would like to do to work towards their goals, and log these in an 'Individual Development Plan' 

Older person and volunteer meet regularly

The older person and volunteer will meet in a location of the older person's choice, take part in activities together or go out and about. The volunteer will log progress towards meeting goals, what they did, any issues, and personal milestones. 

Evaluating progress

The volunteer and Project Coordinator will evaluate the older person's progress towards meeting their goals.


Volunteer withdraws support

If the older person's recovery journey has progressed well and he/she is ready to move on, the volunteer will gradually withdraw support.

Volunteer continues support and/or signposts to further support

If the older person requires further support in their recovery, the volunteer will continue supporting them, and/or consider support from other agencies

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