Since it was established in 1993, Action on Elder Abuse has worked closely with many different groups of people to raise awareness of elder abuse. Information has been published, research undertaken, documents submitted to government enquiries, and presentations made at meetings. However, when raising awareness, nothing has the same impact as someone telling their own story. And your story could play a vital role in helping to highlight and expose the issues that lead to abuse.

Abuse of an older person is a sensitive issue, and talking about specific cases can be difficult. We are very aware of this, and have a policy of total confidentiality in respect of anyone who contacts the organisation. Journalists from newspapers, and researchers and producers from radio and television frequently approach us to talk to people who have experienced abuse. If it helps, it can be possible to talk publicly while remaining anonymous.

If you think you could speak about your personal experience, please contact Ella Marshall-Coley who can talk to you about your situation. Your details will not be given to the media without first seeking your permission. All personal details will be kept in a secure place until an appropriate media enquiry occurs.

Talking to Ella does not commit you to anything, nor can we promise that the media will want to speak to you.