We recognise how difficult it can be for some people to believe that they are witnessing or experiencing abuse, and how equally difficult it can for people to escape what is happening to them. For this reason, we have developed two primary support services that have the unique experience and knowledge to make a difference. These services are briefly described below, and you can find out more about them by clicking on their headings.

The main point to remember about Action on Elder Abuse is that we only deal with issues of abuse. That's all we do, so we carry a knowledge and an expertise that is not freely available anywhere else.

Older person dialling a phoneHelpline: 080 8808 8141

One key way in which we address elder abuse is through our unique confidential freephone helpline, which provides information, advice and support to victims and others who are concerned about or have witnessed abuse, neglect or financial exploitation.

Two old womenAEA Elder Abuse Recovery Service

AEA are also operating recovery services in a number of areas. This involves recruiting and training volunteers to pair with victims of elder abuse to help them recover from the experience and regain control over their lives.

We also recognise the need to support, guide and assist people who either work in adult protection services, or who provide care and support to older people. We call them practitioners and, in addition to the training, DVDs and conferences that we provide, we are also developing a network to help people talk together and share.  

Picture of handsPractitioners network

The Practitioners Network and Forum is an opportunity for practitioners to speak with colleagues throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. Good Practice develops from experiences and from the opportunity to share those experiences, to debate and to challenge and to share. The Network and Forum gives them the chance to do that.