The Practitioners Network and Forum is an opportunity for you to speak with colleagues throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England. Good Practice develops from experiences and from the opportunity to share those experiences, to debate and to challenge and to share. The Network and Forum gives you the chance to do that.

The Forum is focused exclusively on adult protection/safeguarding, and is supported by people at the front line. This is not about theory; it is about the realities of practice and the real challenges that face us all every day. And it’s about getting it right for all those people experiencing abuse in their lives.

By participating in the Forum, you not only get an opportunity to share and learn with colleagues, but you enable AEA to develop guidance documents, practice notes, and policy directives to help us all collectively develop what adult protection and safeguarding should look like in the 21st century. Speak to the relevant Nation Director to find out more.

The network additionally brings together practitioners from each of the Nations to focus on particular topics that are challenging to everyone (e.g. Financial abuse/harm) to share knowledge and experiences and to develop good practice guidance that is applicable across all of our nations. By doing so we increase the ability of each nation to better address abuse issues effectively.

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