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Picture of our volunteers

AEA Scotland’s volunteers are at the heart of our work, especially in relation to our direct work with older people. All our volunteers receive full training and support, and have the relevant skills, knowledge and empathy to provide a meaningful and personalised service to those we support.

Helpline volunteers:

Our Helpline is operated by a team of volunteers and AEA Scotland staff. Our volunteers live in various parts of Scotland, and have received extensive training in issues relating to elder abuse, adult support and protection, and other local sources of support in Scotland.

AEA Scotland volunteers

Other volunteers:

We also have a team of volunteers in other parts of the country who act as advocates for our work. They help us by raising awareness of our work, handing out leaflets and posters in their area, and signposting people to our services. 

Are you interested in volunteering?

If you’re interested in any of the above roles, please contact Brian Rapley at [email protected] or call 0749 632 801.

We’re always looking for support with other areas too, so if you think you can support us in other ways, please get in touch with Brian. You may be able to help us with some of the following:

  • administration
  • IT
  • social media
  • research
  • policy work

Full details of all the volunteering roles available with the charity are available on our Volunteering page, where you can also access job descriptions and apply online.