Our head office in London provides functions such as communications, fundraising and administration across all four nations that make up Action on Elder Abuse. However, we also have staff dedicated entirely to our work in England.

picture of Maggie Evans

Maggie Evans, Director of Action on Elder Abuse (England)

Maggie has been with Acton on Elder abuse for over 15 years and deals with all aspects relating to our England operations. She also covers our Human resources and Elder Abuse Recovery Projects.

She has extensive knowledge of social care provision, having worked in social care at a Local Authority that was providing domiciliary and residential care. During her time with AEA she has developed knowledge, skills and experience on elder abuse, including its causes and effects, and is often called upon to advise on complex cases.

Carly Snead is our Head of Elder Abuse Recovery Services. She is responsible for leading on our innovative EARS service. Carly is supported by Gail Shanahan, Volunteer Coordinator for the scheme in Brighton and East Sussex and West Sussex. Gail manages a team of volunteers in the local area. We are always looking for more people to volunteer.

Helpline staff and volunteers

Our helpline works across the four nations with local staff and volunteers. Calls relating to England are answered by a combination of full and part-time staff as well as our brilliant volunteers. All are supervised by our Senior Information Officer.