Members of AEA receive our specialist newsletter, Action Points, regular email newsflashes, and are eligible for discounts on our conferences and products (including training). In addition, they can stand for election as trustees, and vote on business at our annual AGM.

Members are important to us because they provide a foundation for our work, often having experienced abuse or working in safeguarding, or committed to challenging this issue.

Most importantly however, by becoming a member you help to support our work both financially through your subscription, and also by your presence.

The more people who join with us to voice opposition to elder and adult abuse the more Government's and Assemblies listen. We have several subscription rates, depending upon whether you are taking out individual, or group rates.

Individual Membership £21;    Group membership (up to 20 staff)  £52;    Group membership (21 to 60 staff)  £75;

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