Set up your page

To create fundraising page simply click the button below.

If you do not have an account with us you will be asked to register your details. Otherwise you will be asked to log in.

Add your personal details and information about your fundraising activity. Tell people why the work of AEA is so important to you and why you want their support. And explain what you plan to do to raise money.

You can add a photo to your page, and you can even add a video if you want. You could make a video of yourself talking about what you plan to do and why, upload it to YouTube or Vimeo, link it to your fundraising page.

Set a target for your fundraising, but do not make it too high. You want to be able to reach your goal, and you can always raise it if you are doing really well.

Promote your page

Now make sure your friends, family and everyone else knows about your fundraising.

You can share your page by email or social media, simply by copying and pasting the Page Address (URL) at the top of your fundraising page. Make sure you add a personal message so that people are encouraged to support you.

You can also share directly from your fundraising page by logging in to the AEA website and selecting the “Dashboard” tab on your fundraising page. Use the “email donation request” or “share with your network” tabs.

Edit your page

To make changes to your fundraising page, log onto the AEA website and select the “Dashboard” tab on your fundraising page. This will allow you to edit personal information, and change the details of your fundraising event.

If you have any problems or questions, just get in touch with our office by calling 020 8835 9280.

Create your fundraising page here