David Waterhouse Ever since I was young boy I have spent lots of time talking to older people, hearing their stories, benefiting from their experiences and coming to realize that they were all young once.
It is shocking to hear how prevalent elder abuse is in our society. It takes many forms, including financial, physical and emotional abuse and neglect. Action on Elder Abuse do a phenomenal job of shining a light on this issue, supporting those affected and their families, and campaigning against the continuing perpetration of these crimes. They do this on a fraction of the budget of larger, more corporate charities.

As most of you will know I ride my bikes off road, to and from work, on touring holidays with Rebecca and as a local form of transport, so it seems sensible to use the Haywards Heath Bike Ride to try to raise some funds. I will be completing the 77 mile route on April 15th and would be really grateful for any donations you might feel able to offer. You can even come along and ride yourself - I'd welcome the company!
Thank you all.

David Waterhouse