Scottish conference: 4th September 2010 (Glasgow)

Northern Ireland conference: Spring 2020 (tbc)

English conference: Spring / summer 2020 (London)

Welsh conference: 2020 (tbc)

Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) is a UK-wide charity, which works to protect older people from any type of abuse, including physical, financial, psychological, sexual or neglect.  Our conferences are well-established and respected annual events in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each event attracts 150 participants each year, prominent media interest (both leading up to and the day of the events), and participants cascading information and leaflets back to many more colleagues and clients across the country.

We’re delighted to offer the opportunity to sponsor and/or exhibit in your chosen country or on a UK-wide basis.  The conferences focus on key issues relating to the care, support and protection of older people, and attract a range of delegates from the across the country from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Book your sponsorship package or exhibition stall before 30th May and receive a 15% discount!


Advantages of sponsorship

As a conference sponsor, you’ll get:

  • great value rates for high profile conferences: rates starting from £250 for partner sponsorship, and £1,500 for headline sponsorship
  • extensive publicity and promotion in the run-up to the event/s throughout the day, and in conference follow-up. AEA receives regular and high profile media attention across the UK, including TV, radio and newspapers, and we’re therefore anticipating media mentions at all 4 events. At last year’s Scottish conference, we were featured on BBC Reporting Scotland BBC Radio Scotland throughout the day, all the national newspapers, and many local newspapers and websites.
  • a significant presence at the event/s, including an exhibition stall, where you’ll have access to around 150 delegates at each conference, who cascade information back to many more colleagues and clients;
  • the opportunity to be publicly associated with a well-respected UK-wide charity, and become more marketable to your older customers.

Advantages of exhibiting or sending leaflets 

  • great value prices for high profile conferences: rates starting from only £18 per box of leaflets, and £175 per exhibition stall
  • access to around 150 delegates at each conference
  • full day conference attendance for one staff member (and only £12 for additional staff) instead of the full delegate rate
  • your organisation name and logo on the exhibitor list in the delegate pack 

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Further information

Scotland: Lesley Carcary – [email protected]; Tel. 0749 666 3815

England or UK-wide enquiries: Maggie Evans - [email protected]; Tel. 020 8835 9290

Wales: Rachael Nicholson-Wright -  [email protected]; Tel. 0749 666 3817

Northern Ireland: Veronica Gray - [email protected]; Tel. 0749 666 3816