Elder Abuse: Are We Listening?  Working together to hear the voice of older people.

28th February 2019

Following our two previous successful conferences on financial abuse and domestic abuse of older people, we are delighted to bring you details of our 3rd annual conference which will take place on Thursday 28th February 2019 from 10am to 4pm in Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey. 

Elder abuse is a reality for too many older people in Northern Ireland, yet it remains vastly under reported and largely hidden.  When victims do come forward they are often undermined, not believed, or the abuse is minimized or explained away.  They rarely receive the justice they deserve.  This 1 day conference will explore how we can listen to older people who have been victims of abuse to hear the reality of the experience, and then work together to improve prevention and support.


Professor John Williams

Aberystwyth University

Legislating to protect? How Northern Ireland can learn from the varying approaches to adult protection across the UK

Dr. Lorna Montgomery

Lecturer in Social Work

Queen's University Belfast

Listening to the experiences of older victims in the safeguarding process – what can we learn from research?

Master Hilary Wells

High Court (Care and Protection)

Protecting adults with incapacity - learning lessons and looking to the future.

Deborah Hanlon

Head of Service for Adult Safeguarding, Southern Health and Social Care Trust

10,000 Voices – Innovation in listening and responding to service users and families

Brendan McGuigan, Chief Inspector

Criminal Justice Inspectorate for Northern Ireland

Is the Criminal Justice system in Northern Ireland listening to the victims of elder abuse?

Veronica Gray

Director, AEA Northern Ireland

We listened. We heard. We have more work to do.

An overview of findings from the Northern Ireland Helpline, case work service, and findings from our public survey with older people.

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