Most people believe elder abuse is a crime.  It isn't.  It should be.

The majority of abusers go unpunished, and those few who are prosecuted receive lenient sentences. The punishment very rarely fits the crime. We are campaigning to make elder abuse an 'aggravated offence', similar to hate crime.

Without an effective deterrent, the scourge of elder abuse will continue.

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How much longer must we wait for justice for older people?

The Criminal Justice system is failing to protect older victims of abuse and neglect. Most cases are never prosecuted – and many should be – and police cautions are used as a cheap and easy way of avoiding the time and cost of prosecution (these are not criminal convictions). And even when cases are taken to court the result is invariably a deferred sentence or community service. When is this going to end?

A so called ‘carer’ plied an old couple with cakes and sweetness to get their pin number and then regularly stolePicture of older person using walking frame money from them.

After 63 years of marriage they were so devastated by what she had done that they had to go into emergency care, where he died without ever seeing his wife again.

And the thief?

Our justice system gave her a six month suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service.

Picture of older ladyIt doesn’t seem to matter how cruel someone is to a frail older person, or when they inflict their cruelty, our Criminal Justice System will still deliver what amounts to only a mild rebuke to the perpetrator. Is it any wonder that abuse continues and continues and continues.

One 88 year old woman was slapped and, on Christmas Day, another 93 year old was struck, pinched and had her cheek twisted. And then she was later punched.

And the abuser?

Our justice system gave her 180 hours of community service.

In response to the next example the family said, in tears, "We feel completely let down by the justice system. It seems they are protecting the abuser but who is going to protect my grandad?"  And who can blame the family, when it seems that justice is rarely delivered?

She slapped the 82 year old man, twisted his arm behind his back and sprayed his face with water. And she slapped him on the body.

And the abuser?

Our justice system jailed her for six months in prison, but then overturned it on appeal and gave her 200 hours community service/2 years probation instead.