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AEA Cymru is committed to improving the lives of older people in Wales.

AEA wants individuals and organisations to know how to identify, challenge and stop all forms of abuse against older people, who are often isolated and vulnerable. Our vision is a society which values older people, and a community where they and other adults can live a life free from abuse perpetrated by those in whom they have an expectation of trust. Where such abuse occurs we seek an environment in which it can be identified and addressed.

We aim to prevent the abuse of older people by:

  • Providing direct advice, guidance and support to older people and others via our helpline and portfolio of information resources.
  • Raising awareness and education among the public and practitioners.
  • Producing information materials, newsletters, delivering conferences, seminars and training.
  • Promoting research and special projects relating to elder abuse.
  • Influencing and informing policy in this area.

AEA Cymru was established in June 2015 and works to challenge elder abuse at every level and improve safeguards for all adults in Wales. 

We also work closely with our sister organisations in AEA Northern Ireland, AEA Cymru and AEA England, as well as coming together as a UK-wide charity.