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AEA Cymru is committed to preventing the abuse of older people. Find out more about our latest campaigns. 

Criminalisation campaign 

Elder Abuse is a Crime. Let's make it one 


Financial abuse is a crime and we all need to call it what it is: theft, fraud, blackmail and forgery.

Gary FitzGerald, CEO, AEA UK


AEA is campaigning for crimes against people to be acknowledged as such, for them to be reported, prosecuted and appropriately punished, as currently too often older people are let down by the Criminal Justice System. 

 older lady with head in hands 

When we talk about abuse we often forget that what we are talking about are criminal offences. Sexual abuse is rape, Physical abuse is assault: beating, punching, burning. Psychological abuse is Coercive Control. As a society we need to reframe the way we respond to such treatment of older people; victims will need support, often from Social Services but we must also challenge offending behaviour by reporting offenders, prosecuting them and sentencing them to appropriate punishments.

Rachael Nicholson-Wright, Director, AEA Cymru


AEA are seeking a new aggravated offence of elder abuse, with mandatory sentencing, in order to establish a real deterrence against the abuse of older people. To find out more about this campaign and how you can support it you can read more here:

What do you think we should be campaigning about? Get involved and let us know: [email protected]

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