AEA Scotland national conference (in association with Scottish Care)

'Choice, Empowerment, Protection... Can We Achieve Them All?'

A human-rights based approach to supporting, empowering and protecting older people

27th October 2017, Glasgow

We held our second national conference on Friday 27th October in Glasgow, co-chaired by AEA Scotland's Trustees: Ronnie Barnes and Glenda Watt. The conference was a huge success, attended by around 140 people, including 8 stall holders. The day included a combination of presentations, a debate, and 5 workshops focusing on a range of themes.

We discussed a range of issues, including:

  • whether or not current measures for protecting vulnerable adults in Scotland contain appropriate safeguards and promote individual empowerment
  • managing tensions between individual autonomy and adult support and protection
  • facilitating and promoting human rights in challenging economic circumstances in health and social care
  • balancing human rights and risks in care delivery
  • advocacy and empowerment
  • tackling financial harm in a familial context
  • supporting those who self-neglect or hoard

If you'd like to purchase the conference papers, please contact Melissa Grant ([email protected]).