Neighbour disputes and antisocial behaviour can be difficult to remedy. It falls outside of Action on Elder Abuse's remit but the following could be options:

  1. Keep a log of any incidents. You may want to use audio / video recording equipment however do research guidelines depending on the environment you are in.
  2. Seek mediation – some local authorities/housing associations offer this service for free.
  3. Contact the landlord or tenants’ association. Landlords can choose whether or not to take action, but do not have to do so. Landlords may go court to get someone evicted, apply for an injunction, extend the period of an introductory tenancy etc.
  4. A Local Authority may take action to stop noise, nuisance and threats to health, as can Environmental Health. The Local Authority can take action to evict the person or offer victim alternative accommodation, orapply for court order or prosecute.
  5. Civil action - Possibly to pursue compensation/damages or to apply for an order for perpetrator to stop their behaviour.