On 15th June each year, people across the world come together to send out a clear message - that the abuse of older people will not be tolerated. We want an end to the assault, neglect, abuse and intimidation of our older generation.

In Scotland, our priorities for tackling elder abuse are:

  • Elder abuse should become an aggravated criminal offence
  • Domestic abuse prosecutions should be extended to cover more than just partners and spouses
  • Increased awareness of elder abuse and the support available to victims
  • An increased focus on the impact of loneliness and social isolation on older people’s vulnerability to elder abuse

 Please sign our pledge to promise to:

  1. Help prevent and stop elder abuse wherever you can
  2. Learn as much as possible about elder abuse
  3. Educate family, friends and work colleagues about elder abuse
  4. Raise awareness of elder abuse to let people know support is available.

                                  #IPromise            #WEAAD